Moratti: "Inter, you can now say Scudetto. We were close to sign Spalletti after the treble season"

Moratti: "Inter, you can now say Scudetto. We were close to sign Spalletti after the treble season"

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“The game on Sunday against Juve arrives at the right moment. Perisic is one of the best in Europe. Icardi has vision of plays and he scores! Now, Inter can say the word Scudetto.”

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The pictures in his office still exude the Interista in him. And now for Massimo Moratti, here comes the match that is closest to his heart, that against Juventus, the match that Inter will play as league leaders. The boss of that treble discusses all.

Moratti, was the game against Chievo Inter’s best performance of the season?

“Yes, it was a perfect game, played with the right rhythm. Everyone ran and knew where to go and what to do. Doing so, they have given us a sign that they are having fun. Just look at Candreva on the sideline, with his repeated dribbling, leaving the opponents and their shadows behind. These are the things that you do when you feel in tune with your teammates and the fans. It all stems from the enormous confidence that the players have in their coach.”

Before we talk about Spalletti, tell us about Perisic.

“He is very very good. He has physicality and class. If he can maintain this quality of play with continuity, I do not see many that are better than him in Europe.”

Sometimes, however, he gives us the idea that he waits until the second half to start making a difference.

“Every player has their own characteristics. Ivan plays like that because he has that in his DNA. I would say that he is that good for us to accept it. It is also very good that the club decided to not sell him in the summer. "ven in this regard, Spalletti also left "is mark.”

Icardi, meanwhile, continues to score and now he is contributing in many more ways.

“Mauro has always had vision for a match, but now he also puts it into practice. He works so hard and yet still has the breath to score.”

Does that 110-million release clause scare you?

“The club will evaluate but I think it must be increased. It is true that he wants to stay at Inter but we cannot spend every summer in fear and anxiety…"

Also on Skriniar, big European clubs are eyeing him…

“I think so too, but we are Inter. The Slovakian is fantastic and I think that management did a very good job by signing him. They expected him to be strong and complete like this. Is he like Samuel? I never like to do comparisons.”

Now we can talk about Spalletti. He said that when you had a dinner with him, you gave him valuable advice?

(Smile) “I would never do that, he does not need it. We just shared our thoughts and I just explained the psychology as an Inter fan. But he had already understood everything and immediately, he has implemented it very well."

Had you ever thought of bringing him to Inter when you were in charge?

“More than one time, but due to a series of circumstances, it did not happen. After the treble, we were very close, I also sent Branca to talk to him. But then he went to coach Zenit.”

At one point, it seemed that the first choice was Conte. Do you think things would go the same way with Conte as coach?

“Conte is a very good coach, but the true difference is that Spalletti has not won the Scudetto and he sees Inter as a possibility of reaching something important. Conte has already won in Serie A and in England, if he failed here, it would be the fault of Inter and not his. Spalletti, on the other hand, is 100% involved.”

Can we draw any comparison with Mourinho?

“Spalletti lives in the players’ head just like Mourinho did. This realizes the mutual trust between him and his players. Which then spreads and gives a sense of calmness to the entire club.”

Spalletti has somehow revitalized players like Brozovic, Ranocchia and Santon.

“It is true although I believe that they are different situations. Brozovic was decisive in the past but most of all, he needed a strong man like Spalletti who has involved him more. The two Italians, thanks to the help of Spalletti, are starting to contribute again.”

Inter are first and at a record pace but the fifth spot is potentially four points away. Surreal situation.

“Yes, it is true but trust comes from our they play on the field and from concreteness. In recent past, Inter started well but we did not keep going. There was no solid and defined foundation. I believe that the turning point arrived in Napoli where the team finally got its awareness.”

Can we now talk about the Scudetto?

“Yes. It is important to have it in your head and your heart. I think that we need to think about it every Sunday to have the right tension. However, in addition to Juventus, there are the Romans and Napoli of Sarri, they are playing marvelously.”

Is it really the right time to face Juve?

“Inter get there at the best moment. I hope it is going to be a great spectacle because now the rivalry is there on the basis of sports. Allegri is very good and you must study them very carefully and I have confidence that Spalletti will be doing just that. They have great quality players and the stadium will be hostile, full of Juventini.”

Does VAR give you more tranquility?

“VAR calms all, not just me. Although I struggle a bit getting used to the fact that the joy of a goal is throttled and suspended while waiting for a TV response.”

What do you fear the most about Juventus?

“Everything just works for them. It always works and does so wonderfully. Then there is also Higuain and Dybala. In the sense that if I could remove one of them and seeing what Inter already have, I would bring the former Palermo player. Icardi-Dybala, what a fantastic duo!”

Are you making a prediction for this game?

“No way! Not in your dreams. But we all hope for a good game.”

In what way is the rivalry with Juventus and Milan different?

“There is no comparison. On one hand, we have a duel within the city, a constant and direct confrontation. On the other, we have a historical hostility. Sportingly speaking, the real enemy is Juventus.”

Did you expect Milan to be in so much difficulty?

“I thought that it would not be easy after signing 11 players but I did not think that they would have so many problems. It was a classic Milan against Benenvento and now the pictures of that goal by the goalkeeper are all over the world. They are now -18 from us and I would be lying if I told you that I am sorry for them.”

Do you think Milan are missing Berlusconi?

“Possible but if he stays, he must trust the Chinese to whom he sold the club to and they will also have to trust him.”

On the stadium, the Red and Black cousins do not seem to have clear ideas.

“For Inter, there is. We want to stay at the San Siro and take the opportunity to thank the fans for their support. At Milan, it seems to me that they do not know what will happen next.”

Your thought on the Milan ownership?

“I do not allow myself to make judgements.”

On Suning, can you talk about them?

“They have considerable potential but I would like to talk to the Zhang family. They have great values and are dedicated directly to Inter. Think about it, the boss sends his only son here.”

Their hands are tied due to the directions from Beijing.

“They have great respect for the rules but I am sure that they will do anything to meet the needs of the team on the transfer market.”

Thoughts on the new names in management: Antonello, Sabatini and Steven Zhang.

“Sabatini is truly a passionate man. His grafting was important and he also managed to work well with Ausilio. Antonello is a man of substance and transparency, inevitable to think of Facchetti. I like Steven very much, he knows how to give confidence while maintaining a great respect. He has great merits in the construction of this Inter.”

Inter Hall of Fame is born. Who would you vote for?

“Starting with Meazza and going to those from Grande Inter, Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic and Milito.”

Is the absent of Thohir, Inter present, strange to you?

“He did his part before and now it depends on the agreement with Suning. But that of the presidency is a clear situation. The ideal successor? Steven, without a doubt.”

A comment on the elimination of Italy from the World Cup and the successor of Ventura.

“FIGC must understand that they are at the service of the country, not at the head of an institution. I think Ancelotti would do well but I think he has said no. I know Mancini and I like him but he is at Zenit. Conte as Italian coach has done very well.”

So you don’t have the risk of seeing him at Milan?

“I don’t think so. Conte is a careful and attentive one…”

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport

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