Three standouts in pre-season and one "latecomer"

Three standouts in pre-season and one "latecomer"

So far it has been a spectacular pre-season for the Nerazzurri and its new coach Luciano Spalletti. Obviously there is a lot of work to be done but if we compare this to the last year at this time, it is such a night and day. Interisti now have hope that this team is finally have an identity provided by a great coach with great experience in Italian Serie A. 

According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, there are many positives that Inter have shown so far but there are three in particular:

The Leader - Joao Miranda

The wall is back: armored defense

Accused of being among the main reasons of the Nerazzurri’s collapse last spring, the Brazilian is now back as the leader, leading a great defense that did not allow any goal against the three European powers. Last season, they allowed 49 goals…

The Surprise - Milan Skriniar

Badness, fast and unbeatable in air

He is the most beautiful sprurise of the summer. Only 22 years old but at least for now, he has shown to have the calm and concentration of a veteran. With those features, he was able to stop forwards like Ribery and Morata. Skriniar is almost unbeatable in the air. He has the right kind of badness in him and also much quicker for someone who is at that size.

The Reemergence - Joao Mario

Future “Nainggolan like” trequartista

He has been reborn thanks to Spalletti’s care and guidance, at this point he hopes to transform into someone like Nainggolan in a modern trequartista role that can do a bit of everything from finding teammates to scoring goals himself. He must work on the latter, just look at how Joao Mario wasted that chance against Chelsea.

And one negative:

The Laggard - Gabriel Barbosa

Errors and lack of intensity

The only one that seems to have not yet changed gear. He tried hard and wanted to deliver on the tactical level but he always gave us feelings that he missed the last cent to complete an euro. A few flashes here and there but there certainly were errors at the end of matches as well. Also little intensity to play at certain levels.

Official: Vecino to Inter all done. Medical tomorrow

Official: Vecino to Inter all done. Medical tomorrow

Inter want to close for Karamoh at the end of the week

Inter want to close for Karamoh at the end of the week