Hey Inter, want to keep Icardi? Then you better return to the Champions League

Hey Inter, want to keep Icardi? Then you better return to the Champions League

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Without fourth place, Real Madrid will be lurking. Inter's ranking in the league and possible new income (contract etc...) are crucial for the future of the Inter captain who aims to have wage worthy of a top player of 9 million per season.

Europe has had Mauro Icardi in its sight for a very long time. There is Real Madrid in pole position, but almost everybody is studying the technical characteristics and growth of one of the deadliest bombers in the world. “Serie A is an unparalleled school for any forward,” said Carlos Tevez few years back, an opinion that all the goalscoring specialists in the world agree. And this is why after four and a half years in Serie A and 99 goals later (107 total including Cup competitions between Inter and Sampdoria), the 24 year-old “killer” from Rosario has put all on notice, including Argentinian coach Jorge Sampaolo who now prefers him over Gonzalo Higuain in the last few matches of the Seleccion.

True love

Inter, however, are calm at least so far because Mauro has never really wavered in front of any kind of temptation. “I am well in Milan, my family is happy and I am playing at a great club. I am its captain and so I do not need anything else,” he has repeatedly said that to the media and friends. “All nonsense” was Icardi’s response to the rumors that he already had medical exams in December for the club of Florentino Perez. He would never disrespect a team “that I have always liked since when I was a boy, playing them on the Play Station. I chose Inter because there were players like Adriano and Martins, devastating and very fast. Also, one day, when I lived in the Canary Island, some friends of my family came to Milan on vacation and did a tour of the San Siro. They returned with two hats, one of Inter and one of Milan. They were for me and a friend of mine: I chose first and I picked the Inter one, without the slightest of doubt. Maybe at that moment, I became a fan. It was very emotional when Moratti himself wanted me at all costs, taking me from Sampdoria.”

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Without the fourth place, Inter and Mauro will part ways. Real Madrid are ready. The future of Inter captain is linked to a possible return to Europe (CL).

Champions League factor

Furthermore, at the end of January, it will not be difficult to formalize a new contract, one with wage adjustment, longer and a revisit to the release clause. But his future is also linked to the Champions League. “I miss playing in Europe, to be the best, I have to play at certain levels. Serie A is competitive but competing in the Champions League is another step,” said Icardi. And since he’s been at Inter, 2013-14 season, Maurito has never been on the biggest and most prestigious stage for club football. It is not difficult to think that the Argentinian may waver because he has been waiting long enough, especially when there is Real Madrid, the club that many young players dream of playing for since childhood, the most winningest and prestigious club ever. Icardi is doing everything to take Inter to the competition of The Greats: 18 goals, hattrick against Milan, brace against Roma, Fiorentina, Atalanta, Sampdoria and Cagliari, one each versus SPAL, Bologna, Chievo, Udinese and Fiorentina. “Management has asked us to return to the Champions League, this is the goal that we cannot fail this year,” the captain’s words.

And what if Inter…

But going to the playground of Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar will not be easy. Today’s table says that Napoli and Juventus are surely the first two while Inter, Roma and Lazio are playing for the other two spots. On paper, the Giallorossi appear to be superior thanks to depth and quality, while Lazio were able to put Inter in difficulty the last time they played each other. Inter had to work very hard for the 0-0 against Inzaghi’s team. To top it all, supporters are especially concerned with the transfer market policy imposed by Suning in this transfer market, despite having a very thin squad. “Total self-financing” is the order from Nanjing. Yes, but the current team has very little appeal on the transfer market because the values of these players have decreased over the past couple of years. Also, there is another factor that would further impact the club in the event of the failure to return to the Champions League. By June 30, Inter must collect 60-70 million in capital gains to remain within the financial fair play parameters. A bit of that could come from sponsors but without Champions League (about 20 million), it would be very difficult to balance the budget and a big sale could be a result of it. There are three potential victims that could be sacrificed: Skriniar, Perisic and precisely Icardi. The first one was paid a lot of money last summer while for Perisic a year ago, Manchester United of Jose Mourinho did not go further than 35 million euros. In short, the biggest potential gain for Inter is Icardi. What if Inter had to sacrifice Icardi to unblock the transfer market for next summer? The danger of a transfer exists even though that Inter, before making such sacrifice, would evaluate every alternative solution possible.

Doing business

This is why Walter Sabatini, Suning technical director, continues to ask Zhang Jindong an aggressive strategy: raising the level of the team now, securing the Champions League and then starting to sell before June 30 with more solid pieces on the negotiation table. Certainly, it does not help that the Chinese government is monitoring the spending in foreign countries. “We will carefully monitor the transfer market, we will be intransigent with those who violate the rules,” the words from Beijing. In short, UEFA Financial Fair Play and the Chinese government are holding back Suning and the technical growth of Inter. Zhang Jindong, it must be said, has spent a lot of money since he bought the club, and perhaps for this reason, he has now chosen the most prudent way. Inter continue to regret the deals made in the summer of 2016 when they signed Gabriel Barbosa and Joao Mario. About 80 million wasted, in every sense of the word.

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