Milito: "Inter fans, you will always be in my heart. Treble to Juve? We would still be first"

Milito: "Inter fans, you will always be in my heart. Treble to Juve? We would still be first"

Diego Milito is the symbol of recent Inter history which today is 110 years old. The Prince will not immediately enter the Hall of Fame of the club because he has to stop playing for a while before becoming a candidate. However, Diego remains the icon of the treble in 2010 and now he feels the black and blue colors as if it is his second layer of skin. Although with politeness and in terms of sports, he never wishes “bad things to happen to an opponent and therefore I would have no problems if Juventus made a treble like us. We still remain the first to ever do it in Italy.”

Milito, let’s start with a thought for Davide Astori whose funeral was celebrated yesterday.

“This just left me speechless. I played against Davide many times and now my most affectionate thought goes to his family.”

You are part of the Inter family which turns 110 years old today.

“Best wishes! These colors are inside me. Together with my teammates, I was able to write history at Inter and crown all the dreams of a footballer. In Milan, I still have many friends and I am honored to be part of this club. I know that I am still in the hearts of the fans and they will always be in mine.”

Mauro Icardi took your spot at Inter. Will he be the player to bring Inter back to the Champions League?

“I really hope so. Mauro has done a lot for this club and with his goals, I am sure that we will return to the Champions League.”

If Inter missed it again, that would be seven straight years without the Champions League.

“I do not even want to think about it. Going back to Europe counts and it counts for a lot. It is just too important. Returning to the Champions League would be worth a true Scudetto.”

The team started in an amazing way but since then it has stopped. How do you explain these things? It is like Pazza Inter.

“I don’t think we need to ask too many questions. The most important thing is to re-double our effort and to understand that results come from hard work on the training field. I have a lot of trust in the team, Spalletti and this club.”

The treble winning team was full of races and different types of characters and yet, you knew right then and there that you were in a true team. Do you think that this group lacks the spirit of belonging?

“I do not think so. I am sure these players know what to do and they will do it. After all, they are still up there in the standings after sensational first half of the season. Perhaps too sensational.”

Who are also in the Champions League race with Inter?

“Despite the good period of Milan and Sampdoria, it will be the Roman clubs. The advantage that we have is that we do not have the Cup competition. It is true that those competitions can give much enthusiasm but it also takes away so much energy.”

Are Juve and Napoli just too good?

“Yes, and not just the numbers are saying it. They are two very different clubs but very very strong. I think that the direct clash in April will be decisive.”

The Bianconeri won in London in the return leg in the Champions League. Like you did with Chelsea in 2010. As an Interista, would you wish them the treble?

“I support Inter and Genoa but I do not want bad things to happen to others. If we are no longer the only one to do it, we would still be the first.”

Higuain had few touches but he scored a goal and provided an assist to decide the game…

“Gonzalo is world class. I played with him (with the Argentinian national team) and I know he can always make a difference.”

Another Argentinian forward that just cannot stop scoring is Lautaro Martinez, 20 year-old at Racing and is ready to join Inter.

“He is fantastic. So young and has winning mentality and professionalism that can already be decisive. He has a crazy physique and very strong in the air. He knows how to defend the ball and is very technically complete. It will be a big problem for Sampaoli to choose between so many world class forwards.” 

There will not be Italy at Russia 2018.

“I still struggle to believe it. The Italian team had everything to qualify. A World Cup without the Azzurri will not be the same.”

Who will win in Russia?

“My heart says Argentina but there are also Brazil, Germany, Spain and France. They are very strong.”

Let’s go back to the current situation of Inter. How much is Rafinha needed, he arrived in January?

“Everybody’s contribution is needed but for sure, he is technically very good. He will give a big hand.”

Was the postponement of the Milan derby a positive thing for Inter because Milan are playing well?

“Impossible to know. Certainly, the derby is not like any other match. And at this point, the game will now take place in an even more delicate moment.”

On the other hand, your next opponent is not too bad either.

“Napoli will be very angry after the defeat against Roma. I expect a fantastic game, open to any result.”


“It is clear that I support Inter to return to the highest level. Although a small piece of me would be displeased to remove Napoli from the Scudetto contention. For how they play, they deserve it.”

You only managed to score two goals against Napoli, one of which was in the great season of 2009-2010.

“Yes, it is true. I was much better against Milan.”

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