Skriniar: "Barcelona? Manchester City? I am not interested. I would stay at Inter for life"

Skriniar: "Barcelona? Manchester City? I am not interested. I would stay at Inter for life"

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The Slovakian defender: "With De Vrij, this team will be stronger. We must be at our best until the end."

A well-oiled machine, a true leader. Almost as if he has been here at Inter for his life time and the 23 years of age was just a registry error. This is the most striking of Milan Skriniar, a good giant who stands chest up even in front of notebooks and microphones. The shy boy of summer of 2017, the one that always replied in monosyllables said that: “Am I amongst the best in the world? That is not for me to say. I leave the judgements to you.”

Unmovable for Luciano Spalletti, making all 38 appearances in Serie A and never missing any minute, and a transfer market dream of half of Europe. It is really a magical moment but it is better to not speak about the transfer market because he does not want to hear it: “I do not care because I am fine in Milan, at Inter. The rest just does not count.”

Many consider you as one of the best defenders in the world.

“Certainly, the compliments are pleasing, it means that I am working the right way. But please, let’s not talk only about me. It would be unfair towards my teammates: we must not forget extraordinary players and people like Ranocchia and Miranda, besides all the other defenders who have always responded on the field.”

To which, Inter have also added Stefan De Vrij…

“Very good player who had an amazing season with Lazio. His performance was under everyone’s eyes. For us, it is an important signing and I cannot be anything but happy about it. No doubt, he will make his contribution to raise the level of this squad.”

You two as a defensive couple: the fans can already dream…

“They can but you do not go anywhere on your own. This is what Inter showed this past season, it is the group that makes the difference. The real added value is the team work and it has allowed us to finally reach the Champions League.”

In which, will you be playing with the shirt of Barcelona, Manchester City or Inter?

“Of course with Inter. I am staying at 100%, no doubt about it.”

Yet, the big names in Europe are not giving up…

“I do not know about the transfer market and I do not even want to talk about it. I do not know if Barcelona or other clubs want me. I will be very sincere and repeat: all of this does not interest me. In my head there is only Inter.”

What goal do you have in mind for nexts season.

“We will need to work hard to reduce the distance with Juventus, Napoli and Roma. In the past season, they were more consistent and this was our sin. We will have to give 100% from the very first day of training camp and be more consistent.”

Is the word Scudetto a bit exaggerated at this point?

“Useless to talk about it now, we are only in June. Certainly, a big club like ours can only aspire to aim for the max. We want to be up there and fight until the end. Then we will see what happens.”

And what ambition do you have for Europe?

“Same thing, we will give everything. Inter always play for the highest goals. We need to analyze what needs to be done at the right time. It was important to return to the Champions League after many years. It was everyone’s dream: the team, coach, the club and the fans.”

How do you imagine the mid-week games at the San Siro?

“Very exciting, I would say unique. It will be great to hear that music in our stadium. I cannot wait to live those evenings with our fans: they deserve Europe more than anyone.”

For Inter fans, you are the undisputed idol.

“Between me and the fans, the feeling has always been extraordinary from the start. I thank them again because they really were the 12th man on the field.”

Would you sign a lifetime contract?

“It is not impossible. I see my friend Marek Hamsik who has become a flag/symbol at Napoli. Why could it not happen to me at Inter? I am fine here. There is no reason to think about leaving.”

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With Miranda, Skriniar and De Vrij, Spalletti could use three-man defense more next season

With Miranda, Skriniar and De Vrij, Spalletti could use three-man defense more next season

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