Nainggolan: "I heard from Icardi. Both of us are very fired up for next season"

Nainggolan: "I heard from Icardi. Both of us are very fired up for next season"

Radja Nainggolan was presented officially as an Inter player today in a press conference. Here is what he had to say about his new start at Inter.

“I would like to thank everyone. I am very happy to be here, I cannot wait to start this new adventure, one that Inter wanted me very strongly.”

Can you fight for the Scudetto?

“I hope to win something personally as well because it has not happened to me. I now see a coach that I worked very well with in the past. We can get good results and yes we can definitely win something.”

What went wrong at Roma?

“I do not want to talk about it too much because I just want to look at the present, It could have ended differently but I do not want to say anything more than that. Everyone (Inter) called me during this negotiation, it is very important to feel trust. I hope to repay it on the field.”

How is relationship with Spalletti? Did he convince you to join Inter?

“Not only but surely finding him here again is a positive thing. The choice was made also because I know his way of working very well.”

Why did you choose 14?

“My number is 4 and it is retired. 14 is a good number, there is a 4 and it was the first available.”

How close were you to join Inter in the past?

“People often talk about interest. In the past, I was contacted but this is the right moment. I hope to do well. I am happy and enjoying the moment.”

Dzeko and Icardi have similar characteristics, do you think you can take advantage of them?

“For me, they are two great forwards but with different characteristics. Icardi lives to score goals while Dzeko has a different structure and works more for the team. I found myself well playing together with Edin and I hope it will be the same with Mauro.”

With whom you cannot wait to play with?

“Mauro is one. There are many quality players like Perisic who is doing well and can make a different. There are many others too. I hope that I can do my best to achieve results.”

Do you think you can help Inter to make a great leap in Europe?

“A season is not only based on the Champions League. We should give it all on several fronts. We have goals and have to follow them all and then in the end, we will see where we are.”

Is it true that you have already put in a good word on behalf of Dembele?

“He is at the World Cup and I will not stress him for the transfer market. He is a great friend of mine, very strong player.”

What can you give this team?

“Tactically the coach will decide. He is intelligent enough to know.”

What rating do you give the transfer market of Inter so far?

“You have to give it. I am just happy to be there.”

Did you see anyone from ownership and what kind of impression do you have?

“After a few years of not winning, we want to change that. I think and believe that we can do well with a reinforced team. We, the players, share the same objectives with the club.”

Have you talked to Icardi or any of your new teammate?

“I have already heard from him. I told him that I am fired up for the new challenge. He told me that he is equally fired up for next year as well.”

What is the difference between Di Francesco and Spalletti?

“With Spalletti, I was more forward in the box. With Di Francesco, I was more behind. I have always worked hard in my career. Last season, I scored less but I always gave my best and this is something that I will always be pleased with.”

Did the Champions League return of Inter affect your decision?

“Maybe it did and maybe I would have chosen the same decision. My choice was mainly based on being happy to be here.”

Two years ago, Suning showed up at this hotel in Milan. Do you think your arrival can fill the game with Juventus?

“They have won for many years but their rivals are doing well. I hope so with my arrival and the market is long and perhaps others will come. There will be times when things are easier and others when it is more difficult but we will need consistency.”

Inter have many players without CL experience.

“Yes experience is important. Those have not played in it will find it very beautiful. I also think that the great desire to do well as a debutant can be important.”

Your thoughts when you saw the fans…

“It is important for a player to be well received as I said last time. We will do the talking on the field and then hopefully we will rejoice together. I have always done so. I have this kind of respect from the fans, I believe, is because precisely what I have done on the field.”

Not being at the World Cup hurts?

“I am not following the World Cup. I am enjoying vacation a little longer without thinking too much. Watching the games would make me think that I am not there and it would hurt me. But I am as I have overcome these moments. I am now focused solely on Inter.”

What do you do in your day without football?

“In the morning, I bring my daughter to school. I then train and relax in the afternoon. I am not a fan of watching TV. I like living life, going to lunch or dinner.”

Source: FC Inter News

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