CRAZY FOR INTER - Between transfer market and passion, Inter fever cannot be stopped

CRAZY FOR INTER - Between transfer market and passion, Inter fever cannot be stopped

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  • Everything is ok for Vrsaljko. Now Inter will focus on a strong man in the midfield. Spotlights are on Vidal and Bakayoko.
  • Extremely high Inter fever for the fans. Sold 37 thousand (season tickets): Meazza is sold out.
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Give me a champion and I will show you who we are. I will show you that this Inter are ready to have a lot of on the weekends, with the anthem of Tony Britten playing at the stadium, in Reggio Emilia or at the Bernabeu, it is all the same. To imagine Inter like this is not too far from reality and this was discussed at a dinner meeting last night between Luciano Spalletti and Piero Asuilio. 

One final piece is missing from a beautiful Inter mosaic, with it, this puzzle will be complete. But that piece makes all the difference in the world. It marks the border between an ambitious team and one that ambition can be transformed immediately to victories. Or in the worst case scenario, the goal is to once again return to the Champions League without waiting for the last miracle of Vecino every year.

PRIORITY - Spalletti said that “we have yet to do something on the market, we must have 23 players and multiple players in each role for three competitions.” Very clear and precise words without leaving any room for misunderstanding. He said that like an old-fashioned sporting director that all coaches are the same, the more players you give them, the more you ask of them. Maybe Spalletti will be no exception. 

But these 20 days of preseason, in addition to the four friendly matches, other beliefs have been reinforced. “There is the knowledge that there are needs,” explained the coach. The last signing was Matteo Politano and Spalletti is gradually convinced that the final missing piece, besides Sime Vrsaljko, is a midfielder.

HIGH PROFILE - Spalletti has asked management for a central midfielder with this characteristic: international experience. This is even more important than technical qualities. This is why Inter are approaching profiles of players very different from each other. It is the same reason why the name of Nicolo Barella, liked quite a lot at Appiano Gentile, is being kept in the background. Ausilio could take him at any time but Spalletti prefers a player who is more ready, who does not get scared in front of the idea of going to play in large stadiums, as it will happen to the club of Suning which is in fourth pot in the Champions League. 

And the club’s answer? Whoever it may be, this operation can only be done on loan, in the same manner as Vrsaljko. Unless there are offers for Vecino or Gagliardini but also watch out for Perisic for whom, Mourinho has only limited himself to words and no concrete offers. On Arturo Vidal, Inter have been working on for at least one year, the situation of the Chilean is constantly monitored and he is happy with the idea of returning to Serie A. Vidal has a contract until 2019 and can be extended to 2020, a mandatory condition for loan formula mentioned above. 

The point is that Bayern Munich will not fall below 30 million euros. How things are right now, that is their idea. But this is a concept that applies to all clubs: the closer to the end of the transfer window, the more negotiation becomes possible. This is why it is easy to imagine that the new midfielder will arrive in Milan on the last 15 days of the window, after the friendly in Lecce against Lyon.

ALTERNATIVE - Vidal is ahead of everyone but he is not the only name that Inter are considering. Ausilio is working beneath the surface for other names. One of which is Tiemoue Bakayoko. The good opportunity could be today’s game against Chelsea in Nice and the Inter director will be there. The Frenchman is leaving Chelsea which bought him from Monaco a year ago for 42 million plus bonuses. In this case, the margins to get him on loan are there but he is still a plan B. Inter did follow Hector Herrera for some time until they realized that Porto would only sell him outright. Inter have given up on him who is now close to Fulham.

MULTI-PURPOSE - On Vidal, updates are constant because the Chilean - much more than Bakayoko - matches with another desire of Spalletti: to have multi-purpose players in this team, those that can cover multiple roles and adaptable to multiple tactical formations (alternating defense of three and four). Tonight in Nice, it will be just a taste, an appetizer of EuroInter. For the rest of the dinner, you still need a main dish to put in the middle.

VRSALJKO - Not only that he is coming but he is doing so with a discount. Sime Vrsaljko will be an Inter player within the first days of next week. The club of Suning knows that they have done all the right steps to finalize the deal. In fact, the offer from Inter is even lower than the figure originally circulated: 5.5 million loan, another 16.5 in a year: total is 22 million, 3 less than the well-known figure of 25 million. 

Surely this does not hurt especially when it comes to the Champions League list. The offer of 22 million should be read as a further signal of confidence on the part of Inter, so convinced to close the deal by further widening the gap between offer and Atletico’s request of 30 million. The assist of Vrsaljko to Ausilio turned out to be so much more valuable in this sense than many of his crosses in the box. 

Sime promised himself to Inter. He did it through his agent but during the World Cup, Brozovic and Perisic already started putting the idea in his head, talking about the atmosphere surrounding Appiano, about the ideas of Luciano Spalletti. At Inter, he will find the number 2 available, one that he wore at the World Cup. With this signing, Spalletti can finally fill the hole left behind by Joao Cancelo as well as giving Inter another player who is able to play in both defense of four and three.


SEE THE STARS - Inter really see the stars again. This is the slogan of the highly successful Inter season ticket campaign, “borrowed” from the Divine Comedy, and it has filled the stands in the San Siro and the coffers of Inter. The summer fever for this season, one that will see Inter back in the Champions League, continues to run high and the new figure is really superb: more than 37 thousand season tickets are sold, 20% more than a summer ago, half of these seats are reserved for Inter fans. 

Looking at the map of the Meazza on the club website, one will understand the boom in these weeks: fan cards are all sold out, there are only seven sectors of the stadium where you can still buy season ticket online, about 300 more or less. Considering that the third ring is there only for individual matches, the fans who want to secure a place for the entire season must therefore do so quickly. Also because since Spalletti’s team started preparation on July 9th, the season tickets have sold at speed of light, going from 20 to 37 thousand.

TOP NUMBERS - A year ago, the winner was Milan. That crazy shopping campaign brought great enthusiasm to their fans and there were over 35 thousand season tickets sold: followed by Inter (31 thousand), Juve (29), Roma (20) and Genoa (17). This time, Inter are going to be in command on this table. Juventus stopped at 29,300 which is about 70% of the total capacity of the Allianz Stadium which can only host 41,200 fans. Their prices increased by 30%, 33-34 million euros went right into their coffers. Milan have not announced any data while among the big clubs, Roma are already doing better than last year with over 21 thousand season ticket holders.

HISTORY - The positive trend for Inter, therefore, continues. After the boom post treble season, with over 40 thousand season ticket holders in the 2010-2011 campaign. Since then, there was a slow decline until 2014-2015 season when that number hit rock bottom: only 22 thousand were sold (that season, Inter averaged only 37 thousand fans per home match at the Meazza). Then, the the number began to increase again. And today, thanks to the return to the Champions League after six years and an impressive transfer campaign (five signings already done, two more are coming), the new “explosion” comes with number second only to the post Mourinho season.

CROWDED - A crowded San Siro is going to be constant this season. Already last year, fourth place Inter won the Scudetto of fans with an average of 57 thousand fans watching the Nerazzurri at home: 1,093,053 total fans for the 19 league home games. The Milan derby and again versus Juve saw the biggest attendance with over 78,000. The game against Milan in October made Inter 4.8 million euros, even more than Milan-Barcelona in the Champions League on March of 2012. The game against Allegri at the end of April exceeded 5 million. With 50% of the San Siro seats already sold, this year it will be easy to reach new records.

Source: GdS

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